Gulfweed Cosmos - Kid Silk Fluph

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This fresh and bright colourway was an absolute joy to dye up. A firework display of speckles in greeny blue, rich plum and gold against splashes of olive green and gunmetal grey.

Pair this with a sock yarn or DK to produce gorgeously fluffy items.


Our Kid Silk Fluph base is very fine, with superkid mohair (72%) being the very first shearing of young Mohair Goat and it incredibly soft and fluffy. This is spun into the fibres of Mulberry Silk (28%) to make a fine thread. The fabric made by this yarn is gossamer in feel and look. 420m per 50g skein. Wash at 30 degrees and dry flat. Do not tumble dry unless you fancy shrinking it to the size of a barbie doll!