Zombie's Christmas Collection

This Christmas, Zombie has gone all out decorating the tree. Many an hour has been spent donning it with fairy lights, tinsel, baubles and... Is that... cranberry sauce?... Anyway, around this time of year, he's a little annoyed at how well wrapped up his walking snacks are, so his ingenious plan is to invite everyone round by the fire to circumnaviagte that particular problem... Well, what he wasn't betting on was enjoying the company of his chosen "snacks" so much, that he forgot to eat them. Everybody had a lovely time toasting marshamallows, drinking mulled wine and not being eaten.

Perhaps he'll try again next year.

Here you will find all of the Zombie's Quiet Christmas In skeins, and the associated minis too!

If you'd like a larger quantity of Zombie's Quiet Christmas In, or the base you wanted it on has sold out, please drop me an email on Charley@noodlesoupshop.co.uk

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